We Are The Plastic Experts

Advanced Pedestals, Ltd, a member of the Association of Rotational Molders, manufactures secondary electrical pedestals and accessories for the Electric Utility Industry, quality agriculture products such as lick feeders, mineral feeders and water stock tanks, and is a custom rotational and injection molder with a full suite of services.

A True Partner

Advanced Pedestals, Inc. (commonly known as API) manufactured its first, secondary electrical pedestal for Union Electric in January of 1976. A Union Electric lineman was tasked with designing and building an above ground pedestal to facilitate electrical connections. So, API’s first-generation pedestal was “designed by a lineman for the lineman”. Today, API manufactures numerous pedestals serving the “who’s who” of the electric utility industry.

Proudly Made In the U.S.A.

In 1997, API was purchased by Pete and Susie Shauf and the company was relocated from Pensacola, Florida to Gainesville, Texas, where it is headquartered today.

In 2003, API began manufacturing quality products such as cattle lick feeders, mineral feeders, and stock tanks for the agriculture market. The customer list contains some of the most recognized names in the industry.

In 2008, API was presented with several custom molding opportunities and now custom work represents a significant part of the business.

​API is an “employee first” company and employees are treated as part of the “family”.

Mission Statement

Molding people and quality products for a customer-driven experience that is second to none.

The Story of the Pedestal

In 1976, Union Electric, based in St. Louis, Missouri tasked a lineman named Gene Jones to develop an above-ground pedestal to make electrical connections easier. Prior to that, linemen made connections in a “vault” that was often filled with water. Gene developed a pedestal that looked a lot like the character R2-D2 from the movie Star Wars. Invented it in 1976, he called it “176”. Now that it was invented, someone had to manufacture it. Gene started his own business to make the “176” His company was the predecessor to API. Forty-six years later, API still manufactures and sells the “176”.