About Us

(103rd Infantry Division World War II Memorial Gainesville, Texas)   

API Mission

We pledge to manufacture and ship Picture Perfect, high quality, plastic products in a timely manner.

We strive to be a true partner with our customers and vendors.  Our customer service will outperform all others. 

We will be your most reliable and valuable resource.

We believe in the power of our greatest asset, the employees.  We empower each employee to make decisions based on honesty, integrity and true moral values.


Our Story

API was purchased in January 1997 and moved to Gainesville, Texas (voted Rand McNally – most patriotic city in America) from Florida to produce secondary above-ground electrical pedestals.  In early 2002 API began producing high quality agricultural products such as cattle lick feeders, stall feeders, mineral feeders and water stock tanks.  In 2004 API saw new growth with Custom / OEM plastic products.  API does its own in-house compounding and our resin is tested to ASTM standards.

API believes customer retention is directly tied to service and quality of product, therefore one of our mottos is "Always Do The Right Thing".  With this guiding principal in mind, API offers the "Picture Perfect" system in order to better serve and evaluate the needs of our customers.  As part of this program, a package is sent with every order that includes a bill of lading, packing slip, a picture of the product as it left our warehouse and a postcard for the recipient to report to API the condition of the product upon arrival.  API takes immediate action if a problem ever occurs.

Our long-term team of professionals provide a continuing level of expertise and service to our customers.  This quality and service has resulted in many long established relationships.  The majority of our total sales are generated by repeat orders from active, existing customers, but we are always happy to see new faces and names.

WHY API Pedestals?

  • Our pedestals and products are made from durable, prime, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) available in industry standard and custom colors.
  • LLDPE doesn't crack, splinter, or suffer the loss of color that is common among other materials and contain strong UV inhibitors.
  • API pedestals are non-conductive and non-corrosive.
  • API above-grade pedestals allow easy access, provides clear work environment, are easier to locate and simple and less expensive to install.
  • We offer Mold in Graphics® for permanent display of customer logos and warning signs.
  • Rotationally molded which provides uniform wall thickness, eliminating stress areas.
  • Pedestal ribbing allows for in-ground stability and provides high impact strength and rigidity.
  • We use only stainless steel hardware, tamper resistant captive penta head bolt with REA locking brackets.
  • Field tested and tough. Some API pedestals have been in service for 30 years with no failures or returns.
  • Impact tests are done in accordance with the ARM method and we do our own melt index testing.


Partners with Petroflex N. A., Ltd.  www.petroflexna.com

Call API and talk with our friendly staff available Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.  (1-888-433-5711)  Emergency calls 24/7.