API Secondary Electrical Pedestals

Designed by a lineman, for the lineman…..some have been in service for 30 years with no reported failures!

API offers a wide range of benefits, features, and options in their pedestals:

  • Manufactured with prime LLDPE using UV resistant material, doesn't crack or splinter
  • Stainless steel hardware & mounting stakes
  • Non-conductive and non-corrosive
  • Increased material wall thickness in stress areas makes the pedestals impact resistant and eliminates cracking 
  • Tamper resistant captive penta head bolt with REA locking bracket available on most pedestals
  • Mold-in-Graphics® can be used for permanent display of logos and warning signs on most pedestals. 
  • Lightweight, yet durable, available in industry standard or custom colors
  • Ribbing ensures in-ground stability 
  • Temporary service doors available on some models 
  • Connectors can be pre-installed with mounting brackets, plastic covers or plastisol boots, DANGER stickers, and reusable tie straps
  • WB and WBS have wider bases for greater in-ground stability and more space for conductor looping
  • Flush Mount (FM) has electric, water or blank plate available for lid
  • 16 x 28 accommodates current transformers (C.T's), up to 4-750 MCM connectors per phase, and replaces expensive pad mounted cabinets
6 x 6 9 x 10 10 x 11 10 x 11 FM 10 x 14
10 x 14WB API 176 12 x 16WBS 13.5 x 17RD-FM 16 x 28 3-phase
10 x 11XLS 10 x 11XLS-MP 10 x 11XLS-MP-Main 10-11XLS-RV API Temporary

(Specify color  — Dark Green, Light Green or Gray      Specify Top     S =  Short Top     TT = Tall Top)


K   =   40" Stainless Steel Channel Stake

C   =   Connectors, 4 or 6 position, 350 or 500 MCM

G   =   Graphics – set of 3 graphics (minimum order or set up charge may apply)

D   =   Temporary Service Door

APIUGB-SM   2" to 4" U-Guard

APIUGB-LG   3" to 6" U-Guard

API-PBW   Penta Bolt Wrench

API-BC   Belt Clips

API-LC   Plastic Cover

API-TBH   Bucket Tool Bag Hook


Partners with Petroflex N. A., Ltd.

Call API and talk with our friendly staff available Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.  (1-888-433-5711)  Emergency calls 24/7.